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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you outsource your support?

We do not outsource our support from any other company. Our own full-time staff of about 22 people work round the clock to provide Technical, Billing and Sales Support.

What uptime I can expect and is there any service guarantee?

SkyLink Web Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime. Uptime is covered under our Service Level Guarantee (SLA).

What is Shared Hosting?

Windows, Linux and VPS Hosting that SkyLink Web Hosting provide is called Shared Hosting. It so called because resources on a server are shared between customers. In Shared Hosting a customer get FTP access to a server for uploading websites files (In VPS hosting, customer gets SSH access). Customer also gets End-user Control Panel access to add/configure domains and creating email accounts etc. For any user permissions, customer opens a Support Ticket.

What is Reseller Hosting?

In Reseller Hosting, a Reseller buys bulk of disk space on Windows, Linux and VPS servers from us. Reseller then makes Shared Hosting plans on Windows, Linux and VPS servers and sells allocated disk space as Shared Hosting. In Reseller Hosting, Reseller gets access to Reseller Control Panel (CP), Admin CP and End-User CP which have different functions.

Can I host more than one independent website?

Our starter plan i.e. Value Plan allows you to host 3 websites. Higher plans allow more websites. All these websites are managed using one Hosting Control Panel (CP). CP allows you to create multiple mailboxes for each of these websites and enable spam and anti-virus feature individually. CP also allows you to activate various features for each of these websites. The control panel can have only one user. Please note that this applies only to our shared plans. Our reseller plans allow you to host unlimited websites and have multiple control panels as well as create your own packages and name servers.

Why are the Reseller Plans cheaper than the Shared Plans?

Our Reseller plans are at a totally different level compared to our Shared Plans. Our Reseller plans require more setup time and a greater learning curve to setup. Additionally, Resellers can use no more than 33% of the given disk space and bandwidth resources in a single account. That means if you are signed up for the ValueHost plan, the biggest account you can host is 1.66GB Disk Space (33% of 5GB) and 26.66GB Monthly Transfer (33% of 80GB). You can host an unlimited number of smaller accounts but cannot create a single large account that is larger than 33% of the given Disk Space or Monthly Transfer. This rule ensures that your accounts get evenly spread over multiple servers, allowing us to sell you bulk resources cheaper. In a Shared Plan, your websites are hosted from a single server and hence the entire load of your websites are centered on one server. Hence diskspace/bandwidth resources are priced higher in Shared Plans.

Why should I chose Shared Account over Reseller when I get more resources for less?

Reseller account is for reselling many smaller shared accounts. It also requires little bit more understanding so that you can setup your Reseller Account, sell web hosting and support your customers.

We do not allow Reseller to use more than 33% of resources for one single account or domain. If you are looking for large resource, we suggest you chose customized shared hosting or semi-dedicated server.

How long does it take for my account to be activated?

For payments made by credit card, accounts are activated instantly. For all other payment methods, it may take upto 12 hours after the payment is made.

For Hosting my site with SkyLink Web Hosting, am I required to transfer my domain to SkyLink Web Hosting?

No, you are not required to transfer your domain to us. You need to just change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) setting with your current domain registrar. SkyLink Web Hosting DNS information is emailed to you when you add a domain during sign-up.

Can I test my website before changing name servers to SkyLink Web Hosting?

Yes, for each domain you add to the control panel, you'll be given an Instant Access domain alias through which you may test your site before its actually resolving.

Disk Space mentioned in the plan, what it consists of?

We use H-Sphere Server cluster consisting of about 50 networked servers of different types. When a particular type of server have adequate number of customers, we close that server and add a new server. Plan Disk space is allocated on these servers in following ways: a. Web space: It is server space for storing your web applications files/log files etc. Type of server depends on the type of web hosting you selected ie Windows Server, Linux Server or VPS server. b. Database space: Based on database type MS SQL (Windows) or PostgreSQL/MySQL/Oracle (Linux) disk space is created on respective server. MS Access database is created in Web server. c. Mail space: All mail is stored on Linux server running Qmail application.

What is Summary Disk Space?

At SkyLink Web Hosting Disk space usage is calculated on the basis of Summary Disk Space. This is the total amount of space you can use across our servers. It is inclusive of web space (for your website files), mail space and database space. This space is based on average usage and not allocation. Every 24 hours, our system calculates how much total data you are storing on our servers (web + e-mail + database). At the end of a 30 day month, it would have 30 readings. The average of these 30 readings would be taken and that would be your actual summary disk space usage for that month.

Do you support Cold Fusion with asp.net?

We have two types of Windows 2003 servers. One with asp.net 1.1 and 2.0 installed, but not Cold Fusion. In the other type we have Cold Fusion installed but no asp.net installed. On special request to Sales Department, sometime we do allow Cold Fusion with asp.net 1.1 on few servers we have with both, for an additional charge of $ 10.00 (one time fee).

How can I send/receive my emails?

You can send/receive your emails from desktop application like Outlook Express. You can also access your mail using any of WebMail clients viz. Horde, SqWebMail, SquirrelMail by visiting a url similar to http://mail.SkyLink Web Hosting.com/ but with your domain names.

How much Mail Box and SQL Quota do I get in each Hosting Plan?

You can use as much SQL space and e-mail space as you want under your total Summary Disk Space. This means if you want to use 100MB for a SQL Server 2000 database, you can as long as you use only 100MB for web space and e-mail A major concern from our customers has been how much e-mail space they will use if they are heavy e-mail user. The response in most cases is under 1MB. This is because the system is based on the average utilization of your mail box on our servers. So if you download your e-mail frequently, you e-mail usage will be next to nill.

Can I get additional FTP accounts with my hosting package?

Yes, under Linux you can create ftp-sub accounts in the Control Panel for free. Under Windows, you must request us to do so manually by emailing our Support Team. Such requests will be done for free.

If my database or websites files get corrupt, can you restore it from a backup?

Yes, we will do so for free.

After I sign-up, can I change my billing period and is there any discount?

From within your Hosting Control Panel you can change your billing period between 1-month, 6-month or 1-year any time. You can pay balance amount from Billing Profile in Billing section of your Hosting Control Panel. Also you can view online invoices in Billing section for details of credits and debits made to your account. Unforunately, we do not offer discounts for paying in advance but that does save you from paying repeatedly.

How can I buy more add-ons once I've signed up for my account?

You can buy any sort of add-on, whether its a resource or a feature from within your Control Panel. If you want more disk space, you can click "Change" in front of the disk space indicator and increase your amount to the desired level. Similarly you can buy IPs, cold fusion accounts, etc.

If my bussiness expands can i upgrade automatically to a higher Hosting Plan?

From within your Hosting Control Panel, you can easily change your Hosting Plan. There is no fee and you can change any time. When you change, system credits payment you made for a billing period beyond change date. It then charges your account for new plan fee starting from change date. You can even upgrade from a shared plan to a reseller plan but this would be more complicated. To do so, you'd first have to signup for a reseller account and once you have set it up, request your shared account to be transfered under it.

Can I customize the available Chat/Guestbook/Forum scripts?

Yes, you can.

What is HSphere?

HSphere is Control Panel software developed by Positive Software, Inc. (PSOFT.NET). We use their software to efficiently manage our servers and give our customers absolute control over their hosting.

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